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Handyman Projects for Home Upkeep to Add to Your Spring To-Do List

Add These Home Upkeep Tasks to Your Spring To-Do List

Enjoy the nice weather by performing these crucial springtime home maintenance activities. These home renovation chores, which include pressure washing patios, cleaning gutters, and replacing windows, can maintain your house in great shape and get it ready for entertaining visitors throughout the summer months. They include improvements for both the inside and outside. To cross items off your to-do list, either complete each task yourself or use a professional handyman.

Update Windows

Make sure your windows look beautiful and protect your house from the summer heat by adding weather stripping, repainting, and mending fractured glass. Investing in new, energy-efficient windows in the spring is a smart idea if you’re ready for a change. Try replacing window coverings within the house with more energy-efficient options, such as honeycomb shades (cellular shades), which reduce solar heating while preserving natural light.

Update Exterior Lighting

The days may be growing longer, but when you start moving activities outside, outdoor lighting is more crucial than ever. Replace any burned-out bulbs or solar lights that no longer hold a charge in the outdoor lighting fixtures already installed around the house and yard (don’t forget the garage). Verify the functionality of the motion-detecting lights as well. For the greatest safety at night, think about putting lights on drop-offs and walkways like front stairs or landscaping edges. By giving outdated fixtures a fresh look, you may also improve curb appeal.

Install or Update Ceiling Fans

Installations of ceiling fans are a typical springtime request. Many provide a quick and simple aesthetic makeover that also gets a room ready for the next summer’s heat. Additionally, fans help a home save energy by creating a wind chill effect that makes it feel cooler than it is. Check to see that the fan, if you have one, is spinning in the appropriate direction.

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